FreeWire CEO Commends Ford and Tesla, Vows to Add NACS Connectors to Its Chargers

May 30, 2023

FreeWire CEO Commends Ford and Tesla, Vows to Add NACS Connectors to Its Chargers

FreeWire to add NACS connectors to chargers by 2024

Electrek – If you’re not already aware of FreeWire Technologies, you probably should be. It is an EV fast charging and energy management solutions company founded in 2014 that is expediting the world’s transition to electric vehicles by providing turnkey solutions to grids around the US.

FreeWire has created a lineup of battery-integrated piles it calls Boost Chargers that utilize integrated battery storage and proprietary management software to operate using existing low-voltage and low-power grid connections while still delivering DC charging capabilities.

This circumvents the tedious approach hindering many charging networks that require a high-voltage connection to the local grid, extensive installation labor, and plenty of red tape from municipal governments. Instead, FreeWire’s technology enables more cost-effective deployments anywhere that can be completed in a matter of a couple of days, if not hours.

As a company that is clearly thinking outside of the box (and the grid), FreeWire recognizes the potential of NACS as a viable charging standard and believes its seamless access will be sure to benefit more drivers going forward, especially given the plans recently shared by CEO Arcady Sosinov in a conversation with Electrek:

FreeWire commends the recent announcement by Tesla and Ford to make NACS charging accessible to more vehicles. For a sustainable transition to electric transportation, it is crucial to quickly increase investments and make reliable, publicly accessible fast-charging infrastructure widely available. It will require all charging providers to work together to meet public charging demand, and we support Tesla in making steps towards opening their technology and network. FreeWire has long been a proponent of standardization across the industry as it will make charging more convenient for drivers and allow infrastructure to keep pace with EV adoption nationwide. FreeWire plans to make NACS connectors available on Boost Chargers by mid 2024.

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