April 24, 2020

FreeWire Technologies Raises $25M, Starts Shipping Battery-Boosted Fast Chargers

California startup finishes its “infrastructure-light” electric car chargers and moves into initial deployment.

Startup FreeWire Technologies raised another $25 million to commercialize its electric car chargers, which are designed to reduce the infrastructural costs of installation.

The Bay Area company finished development of its Boost Charger, which delivers fast charging (up to 150-kilowatt output) while minimizing stress on the local power grid with the help of a built-in 160-kilowatt-hour battery. That storage capacity allows fast charging while lowering the instantaneous pull from the grid to resemble a Level 2 charger (roughly 10 kilowatts), which in turn reduces costly grid upgrades required to install the system in the first place.

These permitting and infrastructure upgrade savings can drive total system installation costs 25 to 40 percent lower than an equivalent fast charger, despite the extra cost of the batteries, CEO Arcady Sosinov said.

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