FreeWire's Strategic Move into the Netherlands

Blog - November 9, 2023

Accelerating Access to Ultrafast Charging and Rapidly Bridging the Charging Gap

Europe is leading the charge in vehicle electrification, but a significant challenge remains: bridging the crucial charging gap for a seamless transition to electric vehicles (EVs). At FreeWire, we’re closing this gap with our innovative ultrafast charging technology, designed for customers eager to be part of this electrifying journey. Dive into our latest installation story from the Netherlands and see how we’re powering the future of EV charging across Europe and beyond.

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of EVs. Currently, the Netherlands has an EV sales penetration rate of 37% – more than double the global average of 18%. By 2030, it aims to only sell emission-free vehicles. The Netherlands ranks fourth highest in Europe for EV adoption, after Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. The Dutch government is committed to accelerating the adoption of EVs and has set a goal of having one million EVs on the road by 2025.

However, the country’s public charging infrastructure is still lagging behind the growing demand for EVs. To address this challenge, the Dutch government is investing heavily in the installation of fast EV chargers. In 2021, the government announced a €250 million investment in public charging stations.

FreeWire is helping to revolutionize the fueling experience for Dutch retailers and their customers. Our battery-integrated Boost Charger can be installed in weeks- not months or years, without the need for extensive electrical infrastructure upgrades, making it a perfect choice for accelerating infrastructure development. 

In a remarkable development at a fueling location in Schagerbrug, the Netherlands, we’ve successfully overcome the challenge of limited power availability for EV charging.  Initially, the site had no EV chargers and only 30 kW of available power, much less than the 200 kW typically required for traditional ultrafast chargers. FreeWire’s battery-integrated ultrafast Boost Charger, requiring only 27 kW input power, proved to be an ideal solution for this type of site, bypassing the need for extensive and time-consuming electrical upgrades.

To begin, FreeWire’s European Field Service team provided a pre-installation support visit to assess the location, along with electrical power requirements and provide technical support for the installation phase of the project. This included walking the site to assess the location of the charger and inspection of the incoming electrical services and EV access. Once the plan was determined, the Boost Charger was delivered and installed in roughly five hours, immediately giving drivers the ability to charge their vehicles in a mere 15 minutes. 

The resulting use of the Boost Charger at this fueling location is a testament to the growing demand for fast EV charging in the Netherlands. Within two hours of installation, a driver had already identified the location and began charging their vehicle without any marketing effort on behalf of Avia. The charger is strategically placed near a major highway in view of passing vehicles and is now seeing multiple charging sessions per day in just its second week of operation.

This installation marks FreeWire’s debut in the Netherlands and is part of our expanding footprint across Europe. With our European headquarters in Oxfordshire, England, and recent deployments in Belgium and Spain, we are the foremost leader in battery-integrated charging in Europe.

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