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FreeWire’s Ultrafast Boost Charger Unveiled at the International Smart Grid Expo, Tokyo

FreeWire Technologies and partner Bell Energy were present at the International Smart Grid Expo in Tokyo to demonstrate infrastructure-light power solutions and unveil the next generation of ultrafast electric vehicle (EV) charging. Over 60,000 participants convened at the expo including many representatives from the utility and automotive manufacturing industry. Crowds dropped by the Bell Energy booth, which exhibited the latest FreeWire products alongside the Samurai Speed race team’s all electric Nissan LEAF racecar.

In 2018 FreeWire demonstrated grid edge charging capabilities by powering Samurai Speed’s racecar during Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb “Race to the Clouds” with the Mobi® EV Charger at nearly 14,000-foot elevation.

This was a significant show because FreeWire’s Boost Charger made its first public debut on the showroom floor. The energy-dense ultrafast charger features 160 kWh battery and a 150 kW output. The Boost Charger addresses two key applications in Tokyo: increasing access to ultrafast charging beyond the available 20 kW public chargers, and alleviating excess strain on the electrical grid by drawing during off-peak hours at lower voltage than comparable fast chargers. For this reason, battery backed technologies are the ideal bridge solution to provide scalable ultrafast charging to the world’s fifth-largest (and growing) EV market1. The Boost Charger power output will meet the increased charging of latest generation EVs, such as the new Nissan LEAF that features a charging rate of 100 kW.

Boost Charger charging the Samurai Speed racecar
FreeWire’s Boost Charger demonstrating ultrafast charging on the Samurai Speed racecar

FreeWire is excited to work with Bell Energy in providing battery-backed ultrafast charging in Japan. Stateside, FreeWire will reprise its role in powering the Samurai Speed team’s Nissan LEAF on June 30th, at the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

FreeWire is a global company, offering solutions in the U.S., Japan and other major markets. Reserve your Boost Charger today to be among the first to bring ultrafast EV charging to your area.


1 International Energy Agency, Global EV Outlook 2018: Towards cross-modal electrification. 2018

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