GM and Ford Could Help Spark a Charging Standards War by Teaming Up With Tesla

June 9, 2023

TechCrunch – Seven months ago, when Tesla announced it would share its EV charging connector design to encourage automakers to adopt the technology and help make it the new standard in North America, few, if any, predicted competitors would bite.

Now, with Ford and General Motors agreeing to integrate Tesla charging tech in their next-gen vehicles by 2025, the EV industry is suddenly on the cusp of a shift that could splinter the market.

“These announcements with Ford and GM solidify that there will continue to be a standards war for a decade,” Arcady Sosinov, founder and CEO of fast-charging startup FreeWire Technologies, told TechCrunch+. “NACS (Tesla’s standard) is a better experience, and more OEMs, we believe, will converge on it.”

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