Mobi® EV Charger

A mobile power solution that can be quickly deployed to meet growing electric vehicle demand with no additional fixed infrastructure.

EV Charging Wherever You Need It.

A mobile alternative to stationary Level 2 chargers, Mobi EV Chargers are battery-powered – providing powerful charging without the need for complex and costly electrical infrastructure. A truly portable solution, Mobi can be deployed anywhere and utilize a drive system with joystick operation to allow for exact placement. Equipped with dual connectors, Mobi EV Chargers are also supported by a full-featured software platform for intelligent energy and asset management.

Start charging in days rather than weeks. Mobi allows for immediate deployment.
No Permitting
Avoid complex permitting and expensive construction projects. Mobi works with existing electrical infrastructure.
Improve Productivity
Save five days of employee time annually by bringing the charger to the vehicle—freeing drivers from moving their EV around to accommodate charging demand and reclaim wasted time.
Stay Connected
Manage power supply from afar with Mobi's integrated software platform for easy operation.

Deliver a better charging experience with FreeWire.

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