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Convenience & Carwash Canada

January 13, 2023

More than Just a Plug Parkland Aims to Offer the Ultimate Charging Experience

More than Just a Plug Parkland Aims to Offer the Ultimate Charging Experience

Convenience & Carwash Canada – Twenty minutes can feel like an eternity if you’re in the middle of nowhere charging your electric vehicle. It can feel worse if the charging station is located near the dumpster in a poorly lit part of a parking lot and you have nothing to do or nowhere to go while you wait.

Typically, 20 minutes would be the shortest amount of time it would take to charge an electric vehicle. Depending on the type of charger, it can take upwards of 40 minutes or more to top up your battery.

As battery electric vehicle registrations continue to climb in Canada, many EV owners rely on public chargers for day-to-day use and longer road trips. Compared to the two minutes it would take to fuel conventional vehicles, EV owners have more time on their hands when charging. This is idle time that Parkland is focused on helping its EV customers make the most of every stop with a range of customer-centric amenities.

“We partnered with FreeWire Technologies, an ultra-fast charging provider with an excellent track record,” says Sanker. “Each charging station in our network will have two to four ports enabling us to simultaneously serve multiple customers. We were very thoughtful in selecting FreeWire whose chargers have integrated batteries. This enables them to constantly trickle charge and draw far less power from the grid during peak demand periods compared to typical ultrafast chargers. This technology has an additional benefit, as they require fewer electrical upgrades at each site and can therefore be installed more quickly and efficiently.”

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