Mobi® Gen

Clean and quiet on-site power solution for facilities or remote sites that require a guaranteed source of power. Powerful enough for construction sites, events and all backup power needs.

FreeWire’s Mobi Gen can be used to supplement or fully replace traditional diesel-fueled generators for a variety of off-grid power needs. Mobi Gen delivers pure, quality power that extends the lifespan of even the most sensitive devices. Supported by full-feature software, you’ll have complete access to Mobi Gen location and energy usage. The 80 kwh battery is powerful enough for construction sites, events, emergency response and all backup power needs.

Clean Energy
Get zero-emission electricity. Mobi Gen is compliant with the latest air quality regulations and doesn't require permitting.
Deploy immediately. Setup is simple and can be done without permitting or construction.
Quality Power
Produce pure, quality power to extend the lifespan out of even the most sensitive devices.
Location Flexibility
Maneuver Mobi Gen anywhere with a built-in drive system and easy-to-use joystick for exact placement.

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