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December 2, 2021

Redefining Energy Podcast: Ultra-fast EV charging (and mini grids)

Twice a month, Gerard Reid and Laurent Segalen debate how the world of Energy is being radically redefined through Tech Innovations, Finance, Markets, Regulations, and Digitisation.

EV charging is developing exponentially. It is now a 30bnUSD market per year, growing at am astonishing pace of 20%. More than 1.5m EV charging stations are now operational in the world, 50% in China, 30% in Europe. The US will catch up soon thanks to the Biden Infrastructure plan that commits 7.5bnUSD to EV charging.

But ultra-fast charging comes with technical challenges as the impact on the local electricity networks is tremendous. On the one hand, large EV charging networks are being deployed with a commoditized approach and questionable business models; on the other hand, new turn-key sophisticated solutions start to emerge, such as integrating batteries and EV charging, creating micro-grids at retailers’ premises.

Listen to Arcady Sosinov, CEO FreeWire Technologies, who has raised more than 100mUSD from leading investors (Riverstone, BP, BlueBear), to discuss the future of ultrafast EV charging.

And it is not going to be necessarily what people currently think.


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