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Successful FreeWire VARs (Value Added Resellers) are financially and technically strong business partners who provide a variety of services to their customers. This may include solution design, implementation, and integration with other solutions like solar and energy management. As key partners to FreeWire, VARs focus on providing significant value-added features for our mutual customers, providing a relationship-based, full solution service. Our VARs are technically savvy and respected in their market as solution providers. They possess high-quality standards, a deep understanding of EV charging equipment options, an understanding of utility rates and ROI calculations, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a pursuit of solution ingenuity that separates them from their competitors and are key to their success.

Value Added Reseller basic requirements:

  • An existing and effective sales force
  • An established commercial customer base
  • Established operational excellence
  • Ability to source, manage and win opportunities
  • “Trusted Advisor” track record

Our work transforms transportation and energy use by enabling the electrification of transportation. As we build the fueling infrastructure of the future, we actively seek best-in-class partners to meet the growing demand for high-quality EV charging solutions. FreeWire selects partners after a careful analysis of market dynamics, demand, and alignment with existing reseller expertise, customer base, sales practices, and reputation. Thank you again for your interest in FreeWire, we look forward to reviewing your inquiry and guiding you to the next steps.

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