Solving Middle-Of-Nowhere EV Charging Could Be Profitable

August 10, 2023

Solving Middle-Of-Nowhere EV Charging Could Be Profitable

Clean Technica – I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of EV charging infrastructure. Every EV driver wonders about this a little, and we probably all have ideas about where stations should go, based on our local knowledge. But, I’m a little weird about this. Instead of worrying about what 99% of EV drivers need, I also think about all of the little edge cases that probably won’t be addressed until sometime after 2030.

Things like rural roads hardly anybody drives on, towing campers into the backcountry, and trips for EVs with smaller batteries might seem unimportant. After all, these are rare things only a few people do, right? But, at the same time, nobody goes to buy an ICE car and asks for 99% of a car. They want the car to do 100% of the things they expect, and they want unexpected needs to be met as often as the vehicle’s design permits (and maybe some of what the design wasn’t built for via the aftermarket).

So, the future of the EV transition really does depend on serving as many of these edge cases as the industry can.

In some ways, you can charge an EV just about anywhere that there’s a plug. Early adopters (many readers here) have probably done crazy things like charge at an RV park or even run an extension cord into a hotel room before charging infrastructure came to an area. Sadly, even the patience for those kinds of slow charging sometimes isn’t enough.

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