October 13, 2022

Trio of Vehicle-To-X Projects Launch in California

Distributed energy resource (DER) platform company Voltus this week announced it is working with FreeWire Technologies, which manufactures such battery-integrated infrastructure, to provide flexible battery charging load to grids throughout the US.

The initial phase of the collaboration will also be in California. Another IOU, PG&E, will be able to dispatch FreeWire’s infrastructure to provide critical support to grid operator CAISO (California Independent System Operator) to mitigate blackout risk.

“Our partnership with Voltus enables us to provide essential services to the grid, while safeguarding the charging experience for the EV driver,” said Sudhansh Neravetla, director of energy services, FreeWire Technologies.

“By connecting FreeWire’s charging station to electricity markets, Voltus helps to realize the full financial and sustainability value of EVs and charging stations,” added Dana Guernsey, Voltus chief product officer and co-founder.

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