White Paper:
Utility Rate Design

Sustainable Solutions for Managing EV Charging Costs and Grid Modernization.

July 16, 2023

Recommendations that Promote Affordable EV Charging without Burdening Ratepayers

As the demand for high-power charging infrastructure continues to grow, it is crucial to implement rate design solutions that support the expansion of direct current fast chargers (DCFCs) in a manner that benefits all stakeholders and electricity customers. In this white paper, FreeWire outlines effective strategies for optimizing rate design while promoting the equitable and sustainable buildout of publicly accessible fast charging stations for electric vehicles. 

Key Learnings

Understanding Equitable Utility Rate Design: Explore the principles and considerations involved in designing utility rates that promote fairness among all electricity customers, while supporting the growth of DCFC networks.

Sustainable Strategies for DCFC Buildout: Learn about sustainable utility rate design approaches that facilitate the widespread deployment of DCFCs

Balancing Cost and Affordability: Discover strategies to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and affordability for both EV owners and the broader electricity customer base, avoiding cross-subsidization and rate increases.

Promoting Innovative Solutions: Explore how rate design can incentivize the adoption of innovative solutions such as power load management technologies and managed charging programs, fostering long-term success in transportation electrification.


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About the Author

With vast experience in energy and policy, FreeWire’s public policy team engages with policymakers, utility regulators, and industry stakeholders to help advance markets for innovative EV charging solutions and grid resiliency.

Chip Silverman

Market Development Manager
FreeWire Technologies

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