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Economics of EV Charging

EV Charging Roadmap in Fuelers: From Ideation to Integration


FreeWire hosted a six-part webinar series, EV Charging Roadmap for Fuelers: From Ideation to Integration, that focuses on the essentials of EV charging for fuelers. In each session, the topic of ultrafast EV charging is presented in a step-by-step roadmap, which fuelers can use as a complete guide to plan, design, and deploy site-specific EV charging programs.

Recordings for each webinar session are available below:

Webinar 2: Economics of EV Charging

Economics of EV Charging focuses on topics such as procuring NEVI funding, incentives, ROI, managing energy costs, and financing. We’ll explain how best practices in procuring NEVI funding to help reduce the upfront costs of EV charging infrastructure, making it more affordable for your businesses. We’ll also explore various incentives available for EV charging, such as tax credits and grants, and how they can help offset the costs of installation and operation. Additionally, this webinar highlights how to calculate the ROI of EV charging infrastructure and manage energy costs to maximize profitability. Finally, we’ll delve into financing options for EV charging, such as lease agreements and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and how they can help businesses and organizations finance their EV charging infrastructure with minimal upfront costs. Understanding the economics of EV charging is crucial for businesses and organizations looking to invest in this technology, as it provides insights into the costs and benefits of installing and operating EV charging infrastructure.

Webinar Panelists

Stacy Carraway
Sr. Business Development Executive
FreeWire Technologies

Ethan Sprague
SVP Sales, Marketing, and Public Policy
FreeWire Technologies

Peter Olmsted
Director of Public Policy
FreeWire Technologies

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