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EV Charging Roadmap in Fuelers: From Ideation to Integration


FreeWire hosted a six-part webinar series, EV Charging Roadmap for Fuelers: From Ideation to Integration, that focuses on the essentials of EV charging for fuelers. In each session, the topic of ultrafast EV charging is presented in a step-by-step roadmap, which fuelers can use as a complete guide to plan, design, and deploy site-specific EV charging programs.

Recordings for each webinar session are available below:

Webinar 3: Site Selection & Development Tips

This webinar covers the key factors to consider for site selection and new site development, with a focus on existing site selection criteria and new development tips. The webinar features Mobilyze Pro predictive site analytics, providing insight into the factors that can impact site selection and development success. Attendees will receive a checklist of key considerations for site deployment, as well as tips for future-proofing their business to ensure long-term sustainability. During this webinar, we also explore the latest trends in site development, including the role of technology in optimizing site performance and scalability. Real-world case studies and examples are used to demonstrate successful site selection and development strategies.



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