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October 19, 2021

What QSRs need to know about ultrafast electric vehicle charging

Widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) will lead to the biggest overhaul of American transportation and infrastructure since the 1950s when Eisenhower launched the interstate highway system. Quick service restaurants (QSRs) that embrace EVs by adopting EV are poised to improve their business operations, brand awareness and overall success.

Three chief benefits QSRs should be aware of if they decide to adopt EV charging are: ease and cost of deployment; revenue opportunities, and brand loyalty. For example, consumers are increasingly directing their spending to socially conscious corporations. By installing ultrafast chargers, QSRs can attract EV drivers, a fast growing segment of coveted, affluent consumers.

Arcady Sosinov, founder and CEO of FreeWire Technologies, explains how adding EV charging to your operations can be a boon.

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