A More Sustainable Approach to EV Charging

Blog - October 1, 2023

For FreeWire sustainability is more than a marketing buzzword; it’s a necessity. FreeWire believes the smart use of technology can deliver a cleaner, more reliable fuel option for cars and critical infrastructure that can be deployed more quickly at lower cost by using existing grid infrastructure and optimizing renewable power.  We are committed to offering solutions that power the electric vehicle (EV) revolution and also contribute to further emission reductions through innovative energy storage, smart power management, and internal business initiatives. Let’s delve into how FreeWire, and our use of technology, is leading the charge towards a cleaner world.


1. Enabling Clean Transportation Electrification

Globally, transportation is the leading contributor of CO₂ emissions, accounting for 38% of emissions across all sectors. To combat climate change effectively, we must rapidly transition to electrified transportation. FreeWire’s cutting-edge battery-integrated technology is a game-changer in this regard. It enables us to deploy ultrafast EV charging infrastructure six times faster, expanding chargepoints to areas that were previously underserved. By facilitating easy access to clean energy for EVs, we are playing a pivotal role in reducing emissions from the transportation sector.

Transportation is the leading contributor to CO2 emissions worldwide.


2. Smarter Charging for Lower Emissions

Reducing emissions isn’t just about deploying more charging stations; it’s also about how, and when, we charge EVs. FreeWire’s smart EV charging solutions are designed to sync battery charging with times of lower emissions, avoiding peak emission hours. By storing energy when the grid is at its cleanest, we ensure that EVs are charged using the most environmentally friendly energy sources. This approach significantly reduces lifecycle emissions associated with EVs, making them a more sustainable and resilient alternative. Our Asset Management Platform (AMP) software connects our chargers to the cloud, allowing users to optimize their energy usage based on economic and environmental factors. While EVs are already cleaner than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, charging 1 million EVs at the right times on today’s grid is equivalent to taking between 20,000 and 80,000 additional ICE vehicles off the road.

 Optimize electricity production in California by storing energy during periods of lower emissions on the grid, promoting a cleaner energy generation profile (2021).


3. Direct Connection with Renewables

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are a cornerstone of a sustainable energy future. Traditional DCFC technology often requires high input power, making it challenging to power them with renewables alone. FreeWire’s technology, however, has significantly lower power requirements, making it compatible with solar energy. Customers like Verdek have harnessed this capability by designing containerized solutions that combine FreeWire’s Boost Charger with solar panels. This not only reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources but also provides a clean and efficient way to charge EVs.


4. Company-Wide Commitment to Sustainability

At FreeWire, sustainability is not limited to our products; it’s ingrained in our corporate culture. We understand the importance of transparency and accountability. That’s why we measure and report various environmental and social initiatives across our organization, manufacturing process, supply chain, and product impact. We believe that setting an example for responsible corporate behavior is essential in driving the transition to a sustainable future.

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