Charge EVs anywhere (even indoors!): FreeWire’s Mobi tours the TE-EXPO 2019

FreeWire drove our Mobi® units to San Diego last week to exhibit at the Transportation Electrification Expo (TE-EXPO) co-located with the Energy, Utility and Environment (EUEC) Conference. Not only did we connect with customers advancing the future of clean energy transportation, we also showed electrification beyond the grid in action by providing a unique and valuable service directly on the expo floor.

FreeWire’s Jerremy Spillman demonstrating the Mobi EV Charger

Two of our flexible, battery-backed charging products were on site: our Mobi EV Charger and Mobi Gen. Each device is equipped with a built-in drive system and joystick that brings the charge to you with exact placement. That came in handy within the maze of an exhibit hall. Over the course of the conference, a number of display electric vehicles needed a charge, so FreeWire rolled into action.

Powering San Diego Gas and Electric’s (SDGE) “It’s On” campaign car
Compatible with Tesla models

The Mobis powered several exhibitor cars both indoors and outdoors—like San Diego Gas and Electric’s “It’s On” campaign car—to quickly meet the charging needs with no stress (in event logistics or the grid). Following multiple days of operation and charging services at the show, the FreeWire team simply plugged the Mobis back into the wall to charge their batteries overnight, taking advantage of low demand charges.

If you catch us at an upcoming conference, including the upcoming Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, CA, please ask us for a quick, clean and quiet charge!

Could you use a Mobi EV Charger at your business or facility? Explore additional uses or schedule a demo here.

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