Mobi Gen revolutionizes how events are designed and powered. Providing a better alternative to conventional generators, it features 80 kWh battery capacity and a built-in drive system enabling easy maneuvering and exact on-site placement so you have power exactly where needed and when needed. A variety of output options allows for flexibility in powering single or multiple devices for the duration of your event. FreeWire brings clean, quiet and reliable power to events of all sizes, including music festivals, the March for Science, San Francisco’s Off The Grid food events, and many others.

Community Events
Foster a safe, clean atmosphere for communities to gather around, without the diesel generator.
Concessions and Food Trucks
Reduce noise and eliminate emissions, allowing customers to focus on the food and the atmosphere.
AV Equipment
Produce pure, quality energy that can power your AV equipment anywhere, indoors and out.
Remote Settings
Power events in remote locations with peace of mind using an easily transportable Mobi Gen and its powerful 80 kwh battery.

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