February 18, 2023

EV Charging Station Sneak Attack Coming Soon to a Gas Station Near You

EV Charging At Gas Stations: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Installing an EV charging station is not a particularly simple task, as described in detail by CleanTechnica’s Jennifer Sensiba last December. Coming up with some kind of modular, turnkey package would help, and that’s just what she found at a Phillips 66 station in Houston.

FreeWire’s contribution to the NEVI network is a potential mind-bender. The company has already prepped a NEVI guide to smooth the process for funding applicants, and it already has relationships with gas station stakeholders. Aside from Phillips 66, last September FreeWire announced a similar deal with Chevron and Texaco branded stations.

FreeWire could be the secret weapon in the Biden Administration electrification plan. The modular, all-in-one setup provides for quick installation and more flexibility in site selection compared to conventional EV charging stations.

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