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January 31, 2023

Everything You Need to Know from the Mobility Sector at CES

Mobility was by far and away the most innovative sector to be represented at CES 2023, and I’m not just referring to the leaps and bounds being made in the consumer-focused EV space. The mobility sector also presents a plethora of use cases for CE retail that extend beyond the showroom. Below are our favorite mobility products from the event and how they can help improve the CE retail experience.

An EV charging station designed to be implemented by independent business owners, the Boost Charger 200 features a unique battery-integrated design that allows it to seamlessly connect to energy infrastructure while avoiding troublesome demand fees, which typically make operating an EV charging station remarkably expensive. The key to avoiding these demand fees, which come from sucking power from the energy grid at peak hours, is off-peak charging of the 160 kWh battery capacity, which can be used to charge 15 cars over the course of the day without pulling from the grid.

In regards to how retailers can leverage the EV charging station to drive traffic, Connor Botkin, Marketing Director for FreeWire Technologies, said in an exclusive interview with Dealerscope: “We don’t control any of the pricing. If you want to offer it for free as a promotional campaign to attract more customers then you can do that. If you want to charge 40 cents per kilowatt hour you can do that as well. It’s up to the retailer to decide on pricing.”

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