FreeWire Acquires Platform to Enhance EV Charging Utilization Forecast Service Offering

December 8, 2022

FreeWire will use to provide valuable insights to customers while strategically and efficiently expanding access to ultrafast charging to meet driver demand.

OAKLAND, CA – FreeWire Technologies, the leading provider of battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and energy management solutions, has acquired, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help site hosts strategically place fast-charging stations to maximize their return on investment.’s EV charging analytics and prediction platform adds powerful capabilities to FreeWire’s suite of service offerings to help site hosts make data-driven decisions regarding charging station deployment. The integration will give FreeWire customers more resources to meet their business objectives and support the rapid buildout of charging infrastructure worldwide.

Over 180,000 public fast charging stations will be required to support 26 million EVs on the road in the U.S. by 2030. Today, there is a gap between EV sales and the infrastructure needed to support them, and that gap is projected to get wider with time. Site hosts are eager to meet the infrastructure demand but, in many cases, lack the resources to know where to place ultrafast chargers in order to maximize utilization and achieve the necessary return on investment. With the integration, FreeWire customers will be given data-driven recommendations on charger placement to meet their business goals.

“This acquisition will give FreeWire customers an important tool in their decision-making process regarding infrastructure placement which ultimately has a big impact on their ROI,” said Nate Rosenbloom, Senior Director of Product Management at FreeWire. “FreeWire and the team share a common vision to facilitate the quick and efficient deployment of Boost Chargers, and we’re proud to make them a part of the FreeWire team.”

As part of the acquisition,’s founders, David Keith and James Long, are joining FreeWire’s product management team. Keith and Long have worked with Urban-X, Mini, Toyota, BGE, and NYSERDA to advise on EV charging station deployment to date. Their expertise stems from MIT and the automotive industry, where they saw the need for location analytics in charging infrastructure.

“Determining optimal locations for public EV charging stations to ensure profitability is extremely difficult today, ” said David Keith, co-founder of “Bringing into FreeWire’s suite of services offerings will make it easier for site hosts to forecast site utilization in this rapidly changing transportation market and will provide peace of mind that they are addressing customer demand.”




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