September 29, 2022

FreeWire Technologies To Make Available Ultrafast, Battery-integrated EV Charging for Chevron and Texaco Stations

NEWARK, CA – Today, FreeWire Technologies announced a program to make available battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and solutions for Chevron’s (NYSE: CVX) branded stations. This will include both Chevron’s company-owned stations as well as its independently owned retailer and marketer stations.

“Our charging stations are helping retail locations like Chevron’s branded stations to enhance their offering to consumers,” said Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire Founder and CEO. “Providing ultrafast, convenient charging at traditional fueling stations can help unlock new customer relationships with EV drivers.”

FreeWire’s program will provide an integrated approach by coupling battery-integrated chargers supported by energy management software with custom branding/design and analytics. 

“Chevron believes the future of energy is lower carbon, and our program with FreeWire is another step on our journey to deliver all forms of energy to our customers,” said Jesse Love, Chevron’s Retail Brand Experience manager. “We are committed to investing billions in lower-carbon projects over the next 10 years and are excited to join with companies like FreeWire that develop technologies that enhance our retail offerings and can grow our Chevron and Texaco brands.” 

FreeWire’s fully integrated Boost Charger™ will allow customers to get 200 miles of range in 15 minutes.  The Boost Charger plugs into existing low-voltage utility service and delivers high-power charging that typically requires extensive site improvements and grid upgrades. 

“As the world electrifies, traditional fuelers are looking for turnkey, cost-effective solutions like ours,” continued Sosinov. “We’re honored to work with Chevron.”  

“As these charging stations are rolled out across our retail network in the United States, our customers will be able to find them and other services on our new Chevron and Texaco mobile apps,” Love added. “Another cool example of delivering a great customer experience.” 

FreeWire continues to disrupt the EV charging market by offering unique solutions to traditional fuelers, including supermajors like bp and Phillips66, who have already tapped the California-based company to help advance their own electric-vehicle-charging plans


About FreeWire Technologies
Founded in 2014, FreeWire Technologies is a global electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy solutions provider and a leading manufacturer of ultrafast, battery-integrated EV charging stations and power solutions. FreeWire’s fully-integrated Boost Charger plugs into existing and ubiquitous low-voltage utility service and delivers high-power charging in areas that typically require extensive grid upgrades. The Boost Charger’s proprietary battery and power conversion technology enables ultrafast EV charging at all locations, freeing customers from the high costs of EV charging directly from the electric grid. FreeWire’s technology is deployed across Fortune 100 companies, commercial and utility customers, fleets, retail locations, and gas stations across the U.S. As the world seeks to electrify with the urgency it demands, FreeWire is a trusted partner to conventional fuelers –both small and large– supporting their entrance into the EV charging market and increasing the availability and reliability of EV charging across America.

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