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How FreeWire’s Charging Technology Meets Ford Model E Program Requirements

Blog - April 20, 2023

FreeWire begins Preferred Vendor relationship with Ford Minority Dealers Association.

The Ford Minority Dealers Association (Ford MDA) has selected FreeWire as their preferred electric vehicle (EV) charger vendor, paving the way for a new era of convenient and reliable charging solutions at dealerships. This partnership is designed to help dealerships meet the demands of Ford’s Model E program. 

The Ford MDA works to give minority-owned Ford dealerships a more united voice within the Ford Motor Company. The organization creates customized resources to assist its nearly 200 members. 

“FreeWire’s Boost Charger offers a flexible solution for ultrafast EV charging,” said Dr. A.V. Fleming from Ford MDA. “With the availability of Ford’s Mach-E, the F-150 Lighting and E-Transit models, dealerships are in need of charging solutions that can be deployed quickly. FreeWire offers a solution that addresses EV demand.”

Battery-Integrated Charging Solution

FreeWire’s battery-integrated Boost Charger™ delivers ultrafast charging (200 kW) without the need for costly and time-consuming grid upgrades, which can take months to years. Boost Charger can be deployed in a matter of days. 

FreeWire’s technology is compatible with existing 240 or 208 V power, can be easily installed, and is flexible. If a dealership moves locations, the charger can easily be moved with it. The integrated design of Boost Charger results in a 5 times smaller footprint, compared to traditional fast chargers. 

“Our partnership with the Ford MDA will help dealerships comply with Ford’s requirements at a lower cost with less hassle,” said Ethan Sprague, SVP of Sales, Marketing, and Public Policy at FreeWire. “As sales of new EVs grow exponentially year over year, FreeWire’s technology is a value add for dealerships who need fast chargers that can be deployed quickly to address demand.”

Meeting Ford Model-E Program Requirements

The FreeWire charging solution offers a host of benefits beyond just speedy deployment and low energy usage. One major advantage is that it meets all of the Ford Model-E Program requirements. This is a significant accomplishment, as the program sets rigorous standards for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in terms of compatibility, functionality, and reliability. 

Some of the requirements met by FreeWire are listed below:


Additional Incentives

Incentives can play a crucial role in reducing the costs associated with implementing energy projects such as energy storage and EV charging stations. Two significant incentives that can help to offset costs include the Energy Storage Tax Credit and the EVSE Tax Credit.

  • The Energy Storage Tax credit is valued at 30-50% (~$50,000-$80,000)
  • The EVSE tax credit— 30% of the purchase and install cost of commercial EV chargers

Contact FreeWire to learn more about specific incentive availability.

For more information about FreeWire and to see if Boost Charger is a fit for your dealership, please reach out to the FreeWire team at

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