April 26, 2020

FreeWire Shows How to Revive a Discharged Tesla Model 3 with a Dead 12 V Battery

Misery loves company, so what happens when the traction battery and the 12 V battery are both discharged?

As electric cars become more and more popular, many users or potential buyers will wonder what exactly happens when the main traction is discharged and at the same time as the 12 V auxiliary battery is discharged or totally dead.

It is not a frequent problem, but it might happen for a variety of reasons (for example, if we left the car for too long not plugged-in).

One such problem arises, the car might not only be completely non-operation, but also it will not start charging or not even open.

Well, there is a solution for every technical issue and we will use one of FreeWire Technologies’s demonstration videos with a Tesla Model 3 to show how to revive both batteries.

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