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Loop Neighborhood Market to Install New FreeWire EV Boost Chargers at Fremont Location

April 14, 2023

State-of-the-art EV chargers save energy and lower charge time.

FREEMONT, CA – Loop Neighborhood Market, the fastest growing all-in-one convenience store and marketplace, announced today an expanded partnership with FreeWire Technologies to introduce their Boost Chargers to its existing stores, beginning with Loop’s Fremont location.

We applaud the work that Loop is doing to provide fueling options for drivers of zero-emission vehicles along California’s major highways,” said Arcady Sosinov, CEO and Founder at FreeWire. “Loop is known for its premium amenities and exceptional customer service. The introduction of ultrafast EV charging is an ideal addition to Loop’s upscale service portfolio and we look forward to collaborating with Loop to provide swift, accessible, and dependable charging solutions to even more drivers.”

Compatible with all Level 3 EVs and Teslas (with an adapter), Boost Chargers make deploying ultrafast EV charging simple and cost-effective. Payment terminals are located directly on the Boost Charger or through the EV Connect app creating a seamless charging and payment experience for customers.

What is the difference between the Boost Charger and other EV chargers?

  • Integrated Energy Storage: Boost Charger is an ultrafast charger and has an integrated lithium-ion battery pack with 160kWh of total energy storage capacity and Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Simultaneous Charging: Boost Charger is able to provide fast charging to two EVs simultaneously with both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors.
  • Low-Power Input: The battery-integrated rapid charger outputs 150kW to an EV while drawing 27kW from the grid. This design minimizes energy costs by up to 70%, and can be deployed just about anywhere without needing grid connection upgrades.
  • Space Efficient: Boost Charger’s design takes up 5X less ground space than traditional fast chargers with associated infrastructure.

“At Loop Neighborhood Market, we believe the transition into zero-emission and lowering our carbon footprint is of utmost importance in today’s world,” said CEO of Loop Neighborhood Market Varish Goyal. “We are most excited to integrate FreeWire’s leading edge Boost Chargers into our Loop locations, helping our customers save time while being more energy efficient.”

FreeWire products use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. The exact chemistry is Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide. FreeWire uses the same type of cells found in leading EVs. With integrated energy storage, efficient power conversion technology, and software that lowers energy costs, Boost Charger is the most advanced ultrafast charger available today.

Boost Charger deployment in Freemont, CA


About Loop Neighborhood
Based in Northern California, Loop redefines the convenience store experience by offering exceptional items, quality customer service and an overall pleasant experience. Partnering with the same suppliers and vendors from popular grocery stores, the goods offered at each store are fresh, healthy and satisfying. Loop Marketplace is proud to support active and healthy lifestyles by carrying organic, natural and gluten-free products. Aside from just fresher products, Loop also offers items more specifically targeted to female and millennial customers such as wine, gift cards and bath salts. Additionally, each location offers seating areas equipped with Wi-Fi to further enhance the experience. For more information, please visit

About FreeWire Technologies
FreeWire Technologies was founded in 2014 and is an industry leader in ultra-fast EV charging and energy management solutions solving grid infrastructure constraints and supporting the global transition to electric vehicles. FreeWire’s network of battery-integrated Boost Chargers™ transform the way energy is distributed and bridge the gap from legacy infrastructure to future technology. FreeWire products are used by Fortune 100 companies, commercial and utility customers, fleets, retail locations, and gas stations across North America and Europe.

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