New Voucher Program Cuts Costs for Clean Power Products in California

FreeWire Technologies’ Mobi product is now eligible for a 50% voucher from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) program designed to streamline the purchase of zero-emission equipment. CARB recently expanded eligibility of the program to mobile equipment “designed to extend the utility of existing infrastructure.” Customers now have the opportunity to secure up to half the cost of a Mobi ($31,600, or $34,760 if the Mobi is operated in a Disadvantaged Community) through the CORE voucher program for purchase of the Mobi EV Charger or Mobi Gen.

Contact FreeWire if:

  • You have an off-road mobile power application.
  • Your Mobi would be operated at least 800 hours annually (around two hours per day) for the next three years.
  • Your Mobi will be operated within California, or neighboring states in special situations, for the duration of the three-year project participation period.

Vouchers are reserved on a first come, first served basis until funds are exhausted.

This program allows immediate access to mobile power and vehicle charging without requiring additional infrastructure upgrades. FreeWire products are entirely portable and self-powered to move with your business.

How does it work?

  1. Contact FreeWire at FreeWire professionals are trained to apply for and reserve the CORE voucher.
  2. Provide FreeWire with equipment location and other necessary information, including agreement to the CORE terms and conditions found here.
  3. Place a purchase order for your CORE-discounted Mobi unit!

As a site host, you are responsible for deploying the unit and complying with the project’s terms and conditions for three years, including the operation criteria stated and response to CARB. As there are no infrastructure related upgrades, training can take place within a day for fast deployment of clean zero-emission power.

For more information about this voucher program and any other sales-related inquiries, schedule a call today!

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