FreeWire Offers Safe, Touch-Free EV Charging

Contaminated charger handleAccording to a Kimberly-Clark study, fuel station handles are the filthiest object in America, with 71% of handles considered “highly contaminated.”1 Electric vehicle (EV) owners using public EV charging stations face similar risks. An EV charger can be the first point of contamination for employees between their homes and the office. As we move forward as a society, there will be undoubtedly be an increased emphasis on sanitation. Workplaces will need to find solutions to provide EV charging while ensuring employee safety.

FreeWire’s Mobi® EV Charger offers a completely touch-free charging solution to employees. FreeWire is an established power provider of mobile EV charging solutions for the workplace. Mobi is a battery-powered charger that delivers high-quality power to wherever EVs are parked. While it has demonstrated benefits as a convenient, flexible charger, Mobi provides an additional benefit— improved safety.

Instead of handling public charging infrastructure, EV drivers follow the steps below to receive a charge:

  1. Park the EV in an area approved for charging and open the charge port.
  2. Use the FreeWire AMP EV Charging mobile application to drop a pin at the car’s location.
  3. An attendant then drives a Mobi to the EV and delivers a charge. The attendant does not need to enter the vehicle or touch anything on the vehicle.
  4. A notification is sent to the driver when the charging is complete. No other action is needed.

FreeWire AMP EV Charging FreeWire Touch-Free Charging FreeWire Mobi Charging EV

Employees limit potential points of contamination by avoiding interactions with charging infrastructure. This helps protect those employees and others they interact with in the workplace. Similarly, attendants only interact with the Mobi while never touching the EV.

Health and safety are the utmost importance for employees. FreeWire’s platform is a unique solution to help secure a safe transition back to the workplace.

See how FreeWire can provide touch-free charging at your workplace. Contact a FreeWire representative today!



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