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Sagelio and Freewire Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer High-Power Charging Stations With Energy Storage in Italy

June 14, 2023

The company from Puglia becomes the first authorized reseller in Italy for FreeWire’s innovative charging stations collecting low-power AC input and releasing it in DC up to 200 kW.

This press release has been translated from Italian – View original press release

MILAN, ITALY – One of the biggest limitations towards the widespread adoption of EV charging infrastructure alongside high-frequency roads is connected to costs, timelines, and availability of high energy power inputs required to charge electric cars over a timeframe that’s compatible with a quick driving break.

Usually, unless the required power is already available, for charging points requiring more than 100kW, the grid distributor requires the construction of a transformer station. This, in turn, requires administrative and construction waiting times which frequently go beyond one year as well as economic investments usually far greater than the cost of the charging infrastructure itself, but rarely compatible with public fiscal or economic incentives. Such obstacles make any entrepreneur’s decision of equipping their parking with an ultra-fast charging station more challenging, less financially viable – and very hard to plan for.

Sometimes, the challenge is even bigger: some areas, especially the most rural ones or those already heavily industrialized, do not have such available power at all, making it simply impossible to install new ultra-fast charging stations.

For these reasons, Sagelio, a benefit corporation from Puglia operating all over Italy since 2017 in the EV charging infrastructure business, has signed a partnership with FreeWire, an innovative American company, already funded by primary players such as British Petroleum and ABB.

FreeWire’s Boost Charger devices, which are as of today being distributed by Sagelio, offer a radical solution to these challenges, only needing a three-phase AC input (27 kW, similar to that required by low-power AC charging stations), storing it into embedded batteries and transforming it internally in direct current, ready to be delivered to electric vehicles at up to 200 kW power.

Not requiring large electrical systems, Boost Chargers can be installed in less than two hours and can therefore be also easily moved across locations, thus becoming also an excellent “entry level” station to test a site’s potential before beginning large investments to increase site power.

Energy storage also allows, for example, to collect any excess energy generated locally by photovoltaic systems on the same site, maximizing their value and allowing cars to charge from fully renewable and auto-produced energy: a very interesting solution also for energy communities, and a focus for the upcoming “Linea C” of the Italian EU Recovery Fund, PNRR Investment 4.3 – dedicated to the development of a nation-wide EV charging infrastructure.

“We are happy to partner with Sagelio, which has impressed us with their speed, enthusiasm, and for their deep understanding of the Italian market’s dynamics and needs. – says James Jean Louis, FreeWire Technologies’ European Head of Sales – “Our Boost Charger is a product that unlocks new capabilities in the EV charging infrastructure business, and we are sure that the Sagelio team is the right partner to help us enter a country that, due to its territory and the need to properly balance the grid charges, could become one of our key markets in Europe.”

“Sagelio aims to make electric mobility accessible to all: solutions like those developed by FreeWire are what we needed to complete our product portfolio and make ultra-fast charging more viable and, most importantly, sustainable. – says Giancarlo Ostuni, Sagelio’s cofounder – The idea of offering a top-quality service without stressing the electric grid, distributing power utilization in an optimal way, and taking maximum advantage of locally produced renewable energy, goes exactly towards the vision of reasonable and thought-through energy transition that we try to propose to our partners. We’ve been building this partnership with FreeWire for over a year and are very excited to be the first ones to welcome them to the Italian market, which they’re entering just now.”




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