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Why I Trusted the Biggest Day of My Life to FreeWire

Wedding tent powered by Mobi Gen Happy couple thanks to Mobi Gen

This summer Connor Botkin, our Product Marketing Manager, married his fiancée K.C. in a beautiful and remote location high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. During the evening reception, their tent was transformed into an orb of light, with a warm glow radiating outward from hanging string lights. Speakers boomed as family and friends danced the night away, all with no connection to the electric grid.

The couple wanted their big day to be in a remote location, but one of the challenges they hadn’t anticipated was how to power all of the devices and amenities to entertain a crowd of nearly two hundred people. The first option, a gas or diesel generator, raised a number of concerns. To preserve the ambiance, it would have been necessary to keep the generator at a distance due to the excessive noise and pollution factor. It would have  required multiple extension cords, cord keepers and tape. There was also an excessive rental fee of several thousands of dollars for the weekend. As they were hosting the event in California, there was an ever-present concern of not starting the next major forest fire. Conveniently, as Connor works for FreeWire, they were able to use a clean, quiet Mobi®.

Bringing Power to the Party

Unloading the Mobi“With so much to do getting ready for our wedding, setting up the Mobi was a breeze”, said Connor. He loaded the unit in a trailer in San Leandro, then offloaded using the joystick and built-in drive system. He placed it directly next to the wedding tent, behind the DJ booth as the Mobi running at full power is as quiet as an office conversation (38 dB) at full load. Accessories were easily plugged into the array of outlets with minimal cabling. Two hours before the ceremony, the DJ called and asked how to operate the Mobi Gen. The directions were to simply, “pull the emergency stop button out and press the power button in”; that was all he needed to do for the rest of the night.

Wedding powered by Mobi GenMobi Gen powered the Botkin’s wedding for nine straight hours. This included ceremony speakers, live band, bar, tent lights, and CDJs. Over the course of the day and into the evening it consumed a total of 14 kWh and offset 55 pounds of carbon dioxide. The 80 kWh Mobi unit could have supplied enough power for five more such events without requiring a recharge.

“Mobi Gen was perfect for its discreet performance, blending into, and becoming part of our wedding. It was only when I told our guests how our wedding was powered, pointing to the unit behind the DJ booth, that guests were surprised – then intrigued,” said Connor.

“We are grateful to FreeWire for providing the best possible experience for us and our guests. We put Mobi to the test on the biggest day of our lives and it performed without a hitch. We would recommend this for any event requiring reliable, clean, off-grid power!” added Connor.

Mobi Gen charged and ready to power

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