How to Revive Stranded Electric Vehicles in Minutes (video)

There’s a thief prevalent within the electric vehicle (EV) industry, stealing miles from EVs not actively connected to a charging port. EV car batteries lose charge over time in a process commonly referred to as vampire drain or phantom drain, which can decrease battery levels by more than 1 percent every day they’re not in use. Although most vehicle owners won’t often let their EVs sit long enough between drives, phantom drain is a big problem for companies making and selling the cars before consumers come into the picture. In extreme cases, discharge occurs in the high voltage battery, immobilizing the vehicle. When this happens, the EV’s 12-volt battery subsequently loses charge as well and prevents basic functionality, including access to the charging port. These charging problems not only create delays in customer delivery but also have a negative impact on the lifetime of the battery.

For automotive OEMs experiencing vampire drain, EVs are at high risk for becoming stranded during transport. The logistical complexities of shipping EVs are compounded with maintaining EV charge while meeting regulatory mandates that state of charge (SoC) not exceed 30 percent.

By taking advantage of flexible, mobile charging solutions to maintain charge and jumpstart EV batteries, this problem can be entirely avoided. Take a look as FreeWire’s Wade Higgins demonstrates a quick three-minute process of reviving stranded EVs using our Mobi Gen. OEMs can ensure every EV maintains optimal charge and performance on its journey from factory, to port, to showroom, and ultimately to the customer.

FreeWire’s Mobi product line includes both the Mobi EV Charger and Mobi Gen. The Mobi EV Charger is optimized for charging EVs with dual J1772 ports and a software platform. The Mobi Gen is capable of charging one EV in addition to powering 12-volt battery jump starter, perfect for this unique use case.

Interested in maintaining optimal charge for your EVs while in transit for customer delivery? Contact FreeWire today!

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