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October 28, 2022

FreeWire & Parkland Team Up To Bring Game-Changing Battery-Integrated Ultrafast EV Chargers

A new collaboration between FreeWire Technologies (FreeWire) and Parkland Corporation (Parkland) will offer easy access to ultrafast EV charging across British Columbia, Canada. FreeWire’s ultrafas... more
October 28, 2022

Biden’s Climate Goals Challenged by Where to Make EV Chargers

Domestic manufacturers are concerned about their ability to meet growing demand, an agency spokesperson said. The department in its waiver proposal said only three manufacturers — California-based C... more
October 25, 2022

Three Steps to Determine an Optimal NEVI Site

Now that the U.S. federal government has approved all state plans for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program, states are quickly ramping up towards accepting project proposals and... more
October 18, 2022

Eneridge Set to Deploy Six Ultrafast FreeWire Chargers in California by 2022!

On August 7, 2020, the California Energy Commission released a Grant Solicitation and Application Package titled “BESTFIT Innovative Charging Solutions” under the Clean Transportation Program. Thi... more
October 18, 2022

Phillips 66 and Freewire Technologies Bring Ultrafast Charging to EV Drivers

HOUSTON – Phillips 66 announced the installation of FreeWire ultrafast electric vehicle chargers at its flagship fuel station near its headquarters in Houston, marking the debut of ultrafast EV c... more
October 13, 2022

Trio of Vehicle-To-X Projects Launch in California

Distributed energy resource (DER) platform company Voltus this week announced it is working with FreeWire Technologies, which manufactures such battery-integrated infrastructure, to provide flexible b... more
October 6, 2022

Voltus, FreeWire Technologies Combine EV Charging Resources to Power Grid

Voltus Inc., a distributed energy resource (DER) software platform, and FreeWire Technologies, the manufacturer of battery-integrated EV charging stations and power solutions in North America, have p... more
October 1, 2022

FreeWire and Chevron Work Together To Bridge DCFC Installation Obstacles

One of the biggest obstacles to installing DC fast charging stations is getting it the big three-phase power it needs from the power company. This is not only expensive to put in, but makes for a huge... more
October 1, 2022

Chevron and Texaco Fuel Stations Will Get FreeWire Fast Chargers

FreeWire Technologies announced a new program “to make available” battery-integrated electric vehicle charging equipment and solutions for Chevron’s branded stations. In effect, soon we should... more
September 22, 2022

Colorado Co-Op Cuts the Country in on the EV Revolution

In some past posts, I’ve shared the story of Freewire’s Boost DC fast chargers. Normally, these chargers require a pretty hefty 3-phase power source to charge cars, but they’re essential to BEV ... more
September 13, 2022

Fast EV Chargers Are Coming to Remote Colorado Towns in an Effort to Ease “Range Anxiety”

An innovative, battery-boosted fast charging station could prescribe much-needed electron therapy for “range anxiety” in Colorado’s small towns, with utilities and the state Energy Office collab... more
September 2, 2022

Filling in the Fast-Charging Gaps in Rural Colorado

An electrical cooperative serving Colorado’s farm country tests new fast-charging infrastructure along I-76. Will this device help fill in the state’s rural gaps? A fast-charging station has opene... more
August 31, 2022

Highline Electric Association Adds Potential Game Changer to the EV Charging World

One of the major impediments to the development of a rural electric (EV) charging network is the nature of local power systems needed to keep charging times meaningful for consumers. That is why the r... more
August 22, 2022

Embracing a Mission of Growth, COO Martin Lynch Looks to Build on a Fast-Moving Target to Evolve Remote Charging Products for a Disparate Range of Customers.

Lynch says the eight-year-old company has set ambitious goals as demand for fast, reliable charging products continues moving at an accelerated pace. FreeWire Technologies was established to meet thi... more
June 9, 2022

That Chevy Feels A Lot Better Than a Tesla Right Now

The reality is, the barriers for EVs are rising and the biggest one is the growing list of consumers’ anxieties. Lowering those obstacles isn’t all that challenging. It requires policy focus and ... more
June 6, 2022

EV News Today — 100 New Charging Locations In Finland, Phillips 66 & EV Charging, AI, Satellites

Phillips 66 is getting into EV charging with FreeWire, 100 new charging locations are being added in Finland, more zero-emission heavy vehicles are coming to off-road industries, Audi is reducing annu... more
June 1, 2022

Phillips 66 Taps FreeWire Technologies to Support Its First EV Charging Program in U.S.

Phillips 66 signed a letter of intent with FreeWire Technologies in support of its first electric-vehicle charging program in the United States, the two companies announced Wednesday. This press relea... more
May 25, 2022

Ultrafast EV Charger Developer FreeWire Technologies Launches its New Global Headquarters, R&D, and Manufacturing Facility in Newark, California

Electric vehicle charging solutions developers FreeWire Technologies, which is developing ultrafast EV charging infrastructure that can operate using existing power grids, has officially opened its ne... more
May 13, 2022

Nasdaq Trade Talks: FreeWire Technologies

26 million electric vehicles are projected by 2030. FreeWire’s Chief Financial Officer Michael Beer joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq Trade Talks to discuss if that demand can be met.... more
May 12, 2022

FreeWire Introduces Its Most Powerful and Flexible EV Charger: Boost Charger 200

FreeWire Technologies has launched at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California its new flexible DC fast charger with an integrated battery energy storage – the Boo... more
May 3, 2022

28 Transportation Innovations That Could Change the Ways We Get Around

The transportation category of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards honors projects that get you places, whether on two wheels or four, in new, interesting, and fuel-efficient ways. Visit Fast... more
April 27, 2022

EV-Charging Startup FreeWire Raises $125 Million From Investors Including BlackRock

FreeWire Technologies Inc. said it has privately raised $125 million from investors including asset manager BlackRock Inc. to increase supply of its electric-vehicle chargers. Oakland, Calif.-based Fr... more
April 15, 2022

FreeWire Expands Premium EV Charging to Japan

Ultrafast EV charging and power solutions company FreeWire Technologies and Bell Energy, a Japanese commercial solar system developer, have partnered to deploy Japan’s first battery-integrated Boo... more
White Paper
April 7, 2022

White Paper: Program Recommendations for the Next Generation of EV Charging Deployment

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